Strategic Planning - The Process Simplified!

Do you ever feel confused about the differences between strategic planning and action planning? What are the distinguishing differences?

This workshop takes the mystery out of strategic planning, by giving you, the participant, a clear understanding of the strategic planning process. Practical and interactive exercises are used to facilitate a functional understanding of the process. You will learn how to conduct a strategic audit, perform environmental scanning, and create a vision which inspires and motivates. Perhaps the most powerful strategic tool you will learn (and never forget!) is the SWOT. This strategic assessment measures external opportunities and threats against internal weaknesses and strengths by generating strategy which ensures competitive advantage. The Five Force Model complements the SWOT as it performs a comprehensive sweep of critical stakeholders which must be considered in effective strategy development. This workshop helps those in a leadership role, as well as those individuals who wish to better understand strategic planning, move through the process more productively and efficiently. Cashman Development Associates has designed the Strategic Planning - The Process Simplified! Workshop upon the sound, time tested theories and practices of such respected strategy experts as Michael Porter, George Steiner, and J. William Pfeiffer - in a format which simplifies, not complicates the process.

As a result of your attendance at the Strategic Planning-The Process Simplified! Workshop, you will soon be thinking and planning more strategically. Join those who already are. You can’t afford not to!


  • Given an overview of a Strategic Planning Model, you will be able to understand the key elements of a comprehensive strategic planning approach, as evidenced by your ability to describe each step, identify key actions required in each, and explain the interrelationships among them.
  • Given descriptions of the elements of the strategic auditing process, you will be able to practically integrate it with the Strategic Planning Model.
  • Given models of effective vision, mission, SWOT analysis, strategies,and goal, you will be able to create your own job relevant examples.
  • Strategic Planning Model
  • Differences Between Strategic and Long Range Planning
  • Environmental Scanning
  • SWOT Tool Exercise
  • Five Forces Model
  • Portfolio Analysis- The Boston Consulting Group Model
  • Driving Forces Exercise
  • Vision, Mission, and Goal Creation
  • Strategy Development
  • Actions and Implementation

Duration: 1 day

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