The Leader in "We"- Developing Shared Leadership

Course Summary:

The Leader in We - Developing Shared Leadership Workshop brings to leaders and team members the secrets of the latest research about how to build optimal team effectiveness through shared leadership.  As leadership and team research has progressed, reports of increasing levels of involvement and commitment by employees suggest the evolution of an alternative form of collective leadership, known as shared leadership.  Until now, it was believed that the benefits of this form of group-held leadership could only be found in self-managed teams.  The latest research confirms that shared leadership develops in other traditional team structures when the optimal leadership, team member, and team conditions exist. It is important to note that shared leadership supports and assists the team leader. When properly developed, it does not threaten the role or authority of the team leader.  The course instructor, having recently completed his PhD research study of Shared Leadership Emergence in Traditional, Leader-led Teams Within Technical Organizations, works with team or project leaders and team members to understand and develop the leadership style, team demographic factors, and shared leadership behaviors necessary to develop and reap the benefits of shared leadership within their teams.

The Leader in We Workshop is intended for any team or project leaders or members who wish to understand how to develop shared leadership and team effectiveness.  Participants learn how to appropriately and effectively share in the leadership actions and responsibilities of the team.  Once attended, team leaders or members may elect to invite their intact team to their own Leader in We Workshop, where each team works with their own shared leadership assessment data.  


  • To understand the historical progression and necessity of shared leadership 
  • To understand and analyze the components that comprise shared leadership and the factors that predict its emergence
  • To appreciate the benefits of shared leadership emergence in traditional, leader-led teams in technical organizations 
  • To learn one's own transformational and transactional leadership style and its effects upon the emergence of shared leadership 
  • To discover how to stack the deck for successful team effectiveness when building a team toward shared leadership
  • To practice both leadership and shared leadership behaviors that support the overall team's effectiveness 
  • To plan for one's own team's shared leadership implementation 


  • Introductions
  • Leadership - Vertical and Shared - The Difference?   
  • History of Leadership, Empowerment and Teams to the Present Shared Leadership
  • The Relationships Among Leadership Style, Team Demographics, Characteristics, Group Potency, Shared Leadership, and Team Effectiveness 
  • Results of Latest Shared Leadership Research in a Technical Organization
  • Self-Assessment of Leadership Style and Team's Shared Leadership 
  • Developing One's Own Leadership for Shared Leadership's Emergence
  • Stacking the Deck for Success - Constructing a Team for Shared Leadership
  • Developing a Team for Shared Leadership    
  • Shared Leadership in Action - Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Planning for One's Own Team

Duration: 2 days

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